Should You Post to Facebook or Your Blog

I have said it before and will keep saying it. All your social media should be designed to get them to your website to make the sale.

Yet I hear it all the time. “I don’t have time to keep up my blog so I just post my pictures to Facebook.” Gaaaaa!

Social Media Funnel

Yes it may be quicker but you are missing so much by taking the easy way out.

  • The point of posting your photos to the internet is to show off your work to brides and to get them to book your services.
  • There is no bigger planning tool for brides right now than Pinterest.
  • Saving a Facebook photo to Pinterest is cumbersome.
  • If someone clicks through on an image posted from Facebook, it takes them to your Facebook page, not your website.
  • Adding a picture from your website to Pinterest is a 1-click operation and the click-through brings them to your website.

Here is what you should be doing…

Add your content first to your website as a blog post.

Make sure that your images are watermarked* and well optimized for search.

Have your blog set to auto-post to Facebook and Twitter.

Have a Pin It button enabled on your website and use it yourself as soon as the post is published.

That’s it.

How about some “Tools You Can Use”

Creating blog posts on the fly:

I know, you can post straight to Facebook from your phone. Well you can also create and publish blog posts straight to your WordPress blog from your tablet or phone. Here are a couple of apps to get you started.

WordPress for iOS

Pups Photo Uploader

Blogpad Pro

Watermarking on the fly

Image Watermark  A WordPress plugin that allows you to watermark your images right in your blog.

Picassa a free program from Google that I use to bulk re-size images for the web and add a simple watermark. Yes, there is an ap for that.

I think that pretty much answers the question of whether you should post to Facebook or your blog

Oh ya, I use blog and website here as interchangeable because if your blog is not an integrated part of your website you are really missing the boat.



  • reellifephotos

    Absolutely! Although if you also correctly tag all your Facebook images, they too are Google searchable, and will often be found on the first pages of Google if they are for specific or unusual wedding venues or events, even above the blog results. As a wedding photographer who specialises in multicultural – eg Asian and African – weddings in the UK and abroad, have often been booked as a result of these postings.

  • Jean Neuhart

    My website and my blog are two separate sites. Any suggestions to integrate them so I will be able to add content from my website as a blog post? Thanks.

    • christineboulton

      Jean it may be time to move them both to a WordPress site.