Why Being #1 on Google Isn’t Everything

Yes, it is important that your website does well in search, but if all you focus on is getting that top spot you may very well be losing sales.  Just because people visit your site doesn’t mean they like what they see!

There in lies the reason why being #1 on Google isn’t everything.

Let’s look at a few basic assumptions.

  1. Your brides are pretty close to pros when it comes to using Google; they aren’t stupid.
  2. They know the ones on top are paid advertising.
  3. They really do read the synopsis/excerpt below the link.

Being on the first page or even the second is what you need, but more importantly you need to engage your bride once she does click-through.

If she lands on your page you have about 10 seconds or less to grab her attention!

This is the main reason why you need to pay attention to your website design. I don’t just mean the homepage either! If you are doing what you should be doing and actively updating your blog and your galleries, those pages are being indexed by the search engines. The way brides search and the way search engines list things your bride is just as likely to land on an interior page or a blog post as she is on your homepage.

If your website looks old and stale, you lose.

If it isn’t easy to navigate on a hand-held device, you lose.

Even if you are #1 on Google.



  • David Wright

    Great article Christine! yes the full package makes all the difference to the bride and Google wants relevance and authority in its page rankings. So you do want a bride that visits and stays a while as she finds her way to hopefully all of your pages and images.