Got a Good Excuse for Some Positive PR? Blow Your Own Horn!

I just got off the phone with a client that had just received a very nice award from The Small Business Association. Our conversation revolved around how to capitalize on it to help grow her business. How to use positive PR to blow your own horn without being obnoxious.

First of all, you have heard me speak about marketing with events, right? Well this is one of the best reasons to host an event that I can think of!  Don’t we always have a party to celebrate the big moments in our lives? Hello! isn’t that what a wedding is?

The bonus for this client is that she is a caterer, so a party it is.

Next is the question of whom to invite.

This is about PR and spreading the good news, so THE MEDIA HAS GOT TO BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!

The SBA is taking care of the press, but what my client hadn’t thought of and I am sure the SBA didn’t was to invite the wedding media. Make sure that you invite all the local bridal publications, websites and bloggers and those local mid-day TV shows that often run wedding segments.

After the media, you start looking at the influencers in your target market. Start with the people who are in a position to refer your business from largest to smallest. Don’t just invite those wedding professionals that you know. this is a great opportunity to reach out to those that may have been over looking you up until now.

In other words, don’t just invite the people who you think will attend; in large part this is about blowing your own horn. blow your horn

If you don’t blow your own horn, nobody else will.

It can sound really snarky to just send an announcement of your brilliant award to your competitors and detractors, but who can be offended by an invitation to a reception?

Any time you have an excuse to get your name in front of the influencers in your market you would be foolish not to mine it like crazy. All my standard advice about using social media around the event applies here.

Or you could just hang the award on your office wall and forget about it.