Keep It Simple, Stupid

Are you confusing your brides? Stop that!  Just keep it simple.

I have had a lot of contact lately with planners and decor people. Listening to them I have come to the sad conclusion that many of today’s brides, while highly educated have the imagination and vision of a turnip.


We as creatives, listen to their dreams and yes, look at their Pinterest boards and then design for them what we hear. AND THEY CAN”T SEE IT!

What they really want is what is in the picture. Face it they have looked at thousands of them. I know it zaps your creative soul, but it really is so much simpler to just give them what is in the picture; no matter what we think of it.

Times have changed. Time was when they came to us for our vision and expertise, now they just want our technical skills. ~sigh

So here is a thought, take their money, put your creativity on the shelf and  implemented their plan. No, you won’t explode.

I have another outlet for your creativity>>marketing to build your business.

Face it, if you aren’t having to design everything, your staff should be trained well enough to copy from pictures. Turn more of it over to them and start doing something that will both feed your creative needs and grow your business.

Get involved in style shoots.

Feed your blog.

Create just to create.

Then photograph it and get it out there on Pinterest. Be consistent and relentless. Before long it will be your pictures that they are bringing and it won’t just be to you. All of a sudden it will be your designs that everyone is having to recreate. hehehe, sweet!

Here is something to think about. Have you noticed that the majority of cakes on Pinterest these days are tiny, maybe only 2 small tiers. Do you know why? Because they are done by cake designers just to be photographed and shown off. I will stake my reputation that the vast majority of those small, absolutely stunning cakes never leave the cake shop. The designer got to design, they are getting their style out there and somewhere there is some poor baker being asked to make those designs feed 120!

Just some food for thought