Your Best Referrals Come From Other Vendors and I’m Going to Show You How to Get More

You have heard me say it when I talk about Bridal Shows and in articles like The Art of the Suck Up. One bride may send you one or two referrals, but a fellow wedding professional can send you dozens and even more over the course of your relationship. Isn’t it time you made it a bit easier for them to refer you?

I met with my friend Scoobie Schneider over lunch last week to talk about his new company, In a word, it’s brilliant!

Just imagine how much more often you would refer your fellow vendors (and they would refer you) if it was just a mouse click away? Bunches, I’m betting.

This system is so seamless and so intuitive that you will not believe it. Working with partner Glenn Cooper on the tech (FYI, Glenn works as a consultant for companies like Cisco Systems and Microsoft ) they solved the puzzle.

Here is how it works:

You meet with a bride and as a natural part of the conversation you ask her what other services she needs.

You plug her name, date and email into the system and all the vendors in your network pop up, conveniently sorted into categories.

You scroll down the list and click on your favorite vendors that fit her needs and the system sends her an email with your hand curated recommendations.

What could be easier?

Oh, ya, if that vendor is already booked for that date, they are marked out in red. Brilliant!

Not only that, but the vendors you referred get a heads up by email or text. Now they know you referred them. Good stuff.

Oh heck, why don’t I just let them explain it.

 But Christine, there aren’t any other vendors in my market yet :-(

That is a good thing! Huh? Because they have an affiliate program. For every vendor that signs up for ShareWed using your affiliate link, you get $20. Sign up your 6 favorite wedding professionals and you have recovered your costs for the first year.  

That is why I am posting this. I want my savvy readers to be the first in their markets. I want them to be the ones that benefit the most. There are coins to be made here; not just from the referrals but from the affiliate program too! I want you to be the ones to make that money. You deserve it.

Now, not only are you building an air tight, seamless referral network of your favorite wedding professionals, but you are basically doing it for free. What’s not to love.

Compare that to what you pay for listing type sites like the Knot or Wedding Wire where you hope brides see your ad.

Go on, click the link. You know you want to.  While you are at it, share it on Facebook and Twitter.