What TODAY’S Bride Wants

I had a long conversation yesterday with one of the smartest, most savvy planners I know. She doesn’t chase celebrities. She isn’t obsessed with landing only the luxury market. She is obsessed with only one thing, growing her business. She is a firm believer in knowing your market and giving them what they want in the way they want it. She keeps her finger on the pulse of today’s bride. Consequently she and her team do several hundred weddings a year.

Our conversation revolved around how today’s brides and grooms are different and how savvy wedding professionals are changing to meet the new demands.

She was telling me about a conversation with a Tuxedo shop. Rumors are rampant that the men’s formal wear industry has hit on hard times because grooms aren’t renting tuxes anymore. Here is what the tuxedo shop owner had to say to that…

No, men are not wearing tuxedos for their wedding BUT that doesn’t mean they aren’t renting garments from tuxedo shops. They don’t want tuxedos, but they are willing to spend a premium price to rent exquisite suits. They don’t want to wear their granddad’s monkey suit, they want to look like Harvey in Suits or Matt Bomer’s character in White Collar. They love fashion but it has to be today’s fashion! What’s more, they are more than willing to pay a premium price to get it. Our shop owner said it has taken him 4 years to find the right mix of vendors to fine tune his offerings. Now he gets calls from all over the country to rent his offerings. #winning’



Then we got on the topic of the coming upheaval in wedding invitations. Gulp. This goes directly to the generational differences of today’s brides and their peers group.

As a planner that manages several hundred weddings a year, often managing even the RSVP list for her brides, she is the one that has to make those calls when the RSVPs don’t come in.

Do you know what she is hearing these days? “Invitation? I didn’t get an invitation.”

Do you know why? It isn’t that they didn’t get an invitation, it is because the don’t check their mailbox, sometimes for a month at a time!!

This even goes so far as one guest responding with “I didn’t see an evite.” The poor child didn’t even understand the question, something important coming by snail mail wasn’t even in her vocabulary.

I have news for you, the day is coming when they won’t even catch it in email. I see text message save the dates on the horizon.

“Hey, check your mailbox. I’m sending you an invitation!”

Are you selling what today’s bride wants or are you still trying to sell what you want?

For all of you that are crying in your coffee right now bemoaning the end of an era, I feel sorry for you. I have said for as long as I can remember, our target market is ever changing and ever evolving; you either keep up or suffer the fate of the dinosaurs before you.

In short,

Catch the wave~

                 or drown.