Good Ideas From Sunday’s Bridal Show

Well I kicked off the 2013 bridal show season by visiting a very large show that I am very familiar with.  I have been involved with this show through 3 owners, as a vendor, an employee, a visitor and then there was that one incident with the emergency room. Suffice it to say I have seen it grow, shrink and start to come back.

2 things struck me, the number of people who grabbed me to say, “Look at my booth! I’ve been listening!” and boy they had! The signage was spectacular, the promotional collateral was really good and the booths had some serious POP.

Here is one piece of collateral that I first saw last year and it worked so well that he kept using it. You all know that giving show discount coupons is a great way to get bookings directly from the show but aren’t sure how to do it. Well here you go.

AccentDesigns bridal show coupon

Another thing I saw for the first time was using reviews, blurbs and awards is booth signage. Apologies for my craptastic photography skills.

Good bridal show booth design

In addition to the use of the reviews and blurbs on the signage, the layout with that fabulous image in the center makes you feel like you are walking down that aisle. Of course there was a video montage playing on that flat screen. It was a corner booth which is why the screen is pointing in the direction it is; to capture attention before they even rounded the corner. Simply a great use of the space available. Bravo, Scarritt-Bennett!

Something else of note. I was touring the show with a woman friend of mine. I had gotten there early and done my work so she and I grabbed a Bloody  Mary(yes they have a bar, love it!) and just walked the show. There were a lot of people who didn’t know either of us, many of whom, for some reason assumed we were a couple. What really impressed me was their total acceptance of the prospect of doing a wedding for a couple of middle-aged women. Don’t ever tell me that Nashville isn’t progressive!  Very proud of my hometown.

  • Jean Neuhart

    Love the idea of the signage with blurbs & reviews. What are your thoughts on a sign with several words – sort of a collage of words that past clients have used to describe the company?

    • christineboulton

      that is a great idea Jean. Wordle is a neat program to use to create something like that.