Why 2012 Was A Great Year for Many Wedding Professionals

I’m confused!

I read an article recently saying that the wedding industry is in worse shape than anyone is willing to admit. Really? Then I have a slew of people lying to me. Or maybe my followers are just a little smarter than the rest.

You tell me.

Here is what I am seeing:

2008 hit this industry like a ton of bricks. Many wedding professionals did not survive.

Because the rest of the economy got hit, many left other industries to flock to the supposedly recession proof wedding industry. This pumped a bunch of new blood into a stagnating industry. Think of it as a much-needed transfusion.

Those that did survive, saw the writing on the wall and knew that what had worked in the past was not going to continue to sustain them. So they evolved.

Did this mean they stopped doing weddings? No, it just meant that they started doing them differently and started adding other things to the mix.

They retooled their offerings to be more inline with the new economy and with a new focus on value for the dollar.

They changed their marketing mix and for some, finally started marketing.

They looked at who their market really was instead of who they wanted it to be and ran with it.

In short, when the economy hit the reset button in 2008, they started thinking like business owners instead of privileged artists.

These are the people who are succeeding and thriving. Their businesses are growing by 20-40%.

I am not talking about the very tip-top of the food chain like David’s and the Knot, I am talking about you. Street level vendors that are in the trenches every week working one on one with brides and grooms on the wedding day. The small mom and pop and solopreneurs that sustain this industry and make it the behemoth that it is. I am not talking about the privileged few that have their name splashed all over the major media. I am talking about the caterer in Nashville, the florist in San Francisco, the DJ in Baltimore and the banquet hall in Pennsylvania whose names you have never heard. I am talking about you and me.

If you are one of those that saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and were smart enough to make the changes that meant you would live to fight another day, you are the ones that thrived in 2012. I applaud you!

Keep it up and 2013 is going to be a banner year. Bet on it!

I want to hear from you about how your 2012 was and what changes you made to make that happen.


  • kellie

    The “New Normal” – I find my brides are having great events – but they plan much more carefully than ever before – watching their dollars. We hone in to find what is important and focus the budget on those items – give and take.
    2013 will be great – we will listen more than ever to find out what the couple wants ( not just the bride any more!) and adjust our offerings to what they want ( not necessarily what we want :))

    happy new year!

    kellie@maineventpro.com Nashville TN