Bridal Show Booth for Wedding Planners

It is kind of a given that one of the hardest types of bridal show booths to design is one for a wedding planner.  I have seen a few good ones, but most of them come off looking like either a florist or a rental company. You really have to think outside the box to hit the mark.

Sadly I was unable to make yesterday’s Perfect Wedding Guide’s fall bridal show, but Scoobie Schneider was kind enough to share his images. Now I am really sad that I missed it because I think Decadent Details may have come close to a home run.

Take a look at this shot. (Thank you Scoobie Photography)

Bridal Show Booth for a Wedding Planner

I love the thought behind this bridal show booth design. Tap into the way  brides dream about their wedding then show them how you can make it happen. They tied in a brides favorite planning tool, Pinterest. You want to talk about thinking like a bride. These ladies know where their brides are! Very smart.

What I can’t tell from the image is what their signage or collateral looked like. Those are both key ingredients. If they missed the mark on the signage, they may not get the ROI they deserved. I would have had a sign above the word Dream that said “Decadent Details> You dream it, we make it happen!”

I visited their website and found something they are doing right. They are running a Pin it to Win it contest which tied in brilliantly with the booth design. Let’s hope the collateral pointed brides in that direction.

I have reached out to Kelly at Decadent Details but at this time I haven’t heard back.

  • Mary – Occasions

    Hmmm, not digging it. Understand the concept they were trying to achieve, but I think is an awkward set up for a 10 x 10 booth area. No room for clientele to roam a bit, signage definitely would help…so…what do they do? Dream it up? Dream up what? Are they a business that plans, designs receptions, are you selling beds? What. Sorry, nice try but I don’t think it looks professional.

    • Sharon Dickinson

      Mary, what kind of thoughts do you have that are “out of the box”?