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Brilliant Wedding Marketing

from the irreverent, unrestrained mind of Christine Boulton

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Content Marketing

Blog posts, page copy, email content and social media are all a part of content marketing.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market your wedding business.

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Web Design & Updates

Custom website design and updates to your existing site.
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The best marketing starts with a plan. You need one. Let's talk.

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Bridal Shows: Grab All the Opportunities

Earlier this week I showcased the booth that A Magical Affair did at the Perfect Wedding Guide show.  Well, I want to use them to drive home another point about getting the most out of your bridal show marketing. The team at PWG did a good job of offering opportunities beyond just renting you a […]

Notes from a Bridal Show

I worked a bridal show over the weekend and I saw some good things and I saw some not so great. Now by work, I don’t mean I had a booth, but  several of my clients did. I was there to tweak their booths, and lend support. So, just like you, I was in on […]

Why You Should Cherry Pick Your Lead List

We all know about lead lists. I’ll bet most of you do one of 3 things: Ignore it, Email blast it or send out a single post card. Suppose you did something outrageous instead? It’s tough/expensive to do much more than the three things I just mentioned with a lead list of 500 to 2000. […]

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More Totally Outrageous Marketing

You know that I am a fan and proponent of outrageous marketing. I have written about it before  and I even told you how to budget for it. Well, there has been a rash of some very clever outrageous marketing lately that I just have to share with you. First, I am sure you saw […]

Marketing Tip for Wedding Photographers

Dear photographers, I have a marketing tip for you today. You know that the primary way that today’s brides and grooms find their wedding vendors is by personal referral, right? Well, one of the places they are going for those referrals is to their planner and the other wedding professionals that they hire. That makes these professionals very important to your […]

Tips From a Master on Getting Press for Your Wedding Business

With everything you have to do, worrying about getting press for your wedding business is probably not high on your to-do list. Well it should be. For most wedding businesses, by press I mean getting your work out the on the top blogs as well as the multitude of local and regional wedding blogs. Those […]

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Bridal Show Success

Bridal Show Success
What you need to know to make the most off your Bridal Show investment

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Brilliant Wedding Marketing

Brilliant Wedding marketing ebook
Brilliant Wedding Marketing is the step by step guide to building your marketing plan in a logical, layered way.
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