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The lovely ladies from At Your Request Events contacted me recently to upgrade their web presence. Pam & Reiko wanted their website refocused on weddings with out ignoring the work they do in corporate and social events as well as festival work. The resulting website tells their story through the use of extensive galleries and testimonials. They promise to start blogging soon.

We recommend Christine’s services completely.  Christine was a careful listener and really worked with us to achieve the vision we had. She was able to work with 2 Type-A personalities who examined every aspect of the website during creation.  She was quick to follow our suggestions and make adjustments as requested.  Being involved herself within the industry, she offered good insight and suggestions on wording, placement and other points of view.  For 2 non-tech types, we were fortunate to have Christine and her valuable knowledge of current practices.

Thank you, Christine, for creating a website that makes us proud.  And, her tutorials are helpful in that she has taught us to continue to work with changes and additions to the pages.  Also, most importantly, she will stay involved with us as we begin to blog and experiment with more information and photos. Christine, thank you for your patience, creativity and knowledge.

Reiko and Pam

Website design for a wedding planner
Built on a customized StudioPress theme

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