Your Employees ARE Your Business

I have few heroes, Sir Richard Branson is one of them. This meme was going around Facebook a while back and it really got me thinking.quote-if-you-look-after-your-staff-they-ll-look-after-your-customers-it-s-that-simple-richard-branson-76-94-95I have been involved in small business in one way or another my entire life. My parents started their business in our garage when I was 18 months old. Since then I have owned a couple of my own, consulted for more than a few and worked in even more. When it comes to employees, I have observed them, been one and hired and fired them. I am more firmly convinced than ever that your business  is your employees. They are your most valuable asset, bar none. With out them you have no business.

I don’t care if you make widgets, plan parties, serve guests or dig ditches; if your employees are happy, respected and treated well they are going to do the best job possible. If you under-value them, treat them with suspicion or like you are doing them a favor they will do the least possible to stay employed. As a boss, you reap what you sow.

Why some employers don’t understand that is beyond me.

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