Is Your Website Really Reaching Your Target Brides?

I had something interesting happen yesterday. I was training someone to work in a catering office and their knowledge of Gmail completely fell apart when I had them work on a desktop. You see, they use Gmail all the time but only on their phone or tablet.

This young lady is the epitome of your target market. If it isn’t 100% ready for mobile, is your website really reaching your target bride?

I didn’t realize that this was even still an issue. I have been preaching the mantra of mobile responsive for years, but I still keep having people reach out to me for site reviews on websites that aren’t even close to being useful on a mobile platform. I saw one yesterday that had “Copyright 2008″ in the footer.

Come on people, are you in this to win it or not?

It isn’t just that your bride is on mobile almost exclusively, Google has her back.

On April 21st, 2015 Google updated their algorithm to penalize websites that are not 100% mobile responsive. They are so serious about this that for the first time ever they released advanced word of the coming change. They are so serious that they even published a tool to check your website against the new algorithm.

Go on, check your site. I’ll wait.

I don’t care how much you love your website, I don’t care how great your Google ranking is, if you fail this test you are about to fall off the cliff of search results. Google has always been in the business of giving the best, most relevant search results possible. Today that means mobile.

Google announced  at a digital advertising conference on Tuesday that it now gets more search queries in the U.S. from people using mobile devices such as smartphones than it does from people browsing the Web on PCs. Read more

Mobile Search vs desktop search

If you are out there and connected with your target bride this isn’t really news.

That is why I wasn’t really worried about shouting this from the mountain top, but the last week has made me rethink that. It didn’t occur to me that some wedding professionals weren’t keeping up with this. That is until I had 3 different sites roll across my desk that hadn’t been updated in years! Was yours one of them?

Every single year the age gap between you and your target bride gets bigger. If you aren’t presenting the most up to date first impression you are at distinct disadvantage. Let me let you in on another secret, it isn’t just your brides. Today’s MOB is just as tech savvy as her daughter. So is her Grandmother.

Bottom line, if your website isn’t up to date you might as well not even have one. Ya, just count on word of mouth.


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