Why You Don’t Have Great Pictures of Your Work

We live in a very visual society. We all know that the pictures of our work speak more forcefully than all the words in the world.  My question is, what are you doing to make your events really pop in photographs?

I ran across a fascinating article by Jim Vetter, Event and People photographer in the San Francisco Bay area on how to make your events photogenic.

Jim’s advice isn’t really rocket science, meaning it is easy to implement. What is brilliant is that it is something that is so rarely thought about. It is one of those Duh! moments.

When we plan events we plan them for the moment, not for posterity.  In a world where every detail of life is being captured by someone’s cell phone shouldn’t we be conscious that our efforts are not just worthy of capture but presented in a way that makes beautiful pictures easy.

I do realize that this adds just one more level of thought that you have to put into your events. It may also add some expense. These are marketing and well worth the effort. What good does it do you to land that perfect high-profile client if all the pictures look like shit and you can’t use them to market? Yep, the testimonial will be great but today’s bride only see pictures, they don’t read.

Follow Jim’s advice. You will end up with much better images. Something else you may not have thought about is that photographers will start loving to work with you.  Think about it from your own point of view, don’t you recommend vendors that make your job easier?

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